Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Online: Syndicated Zine Reviews

If you're a zine junkie like me, you should certainly march on over (figuratively speaking, of course) and check out Syndicated Zine Reviews, a well-rounded blog on indie and zine culture. SZR doesn't just review zines (though there are plenty of reviews); it includes notes on interesting "found art" (like a father's note to his absent son found in a library book), reviews of independently made DVDs, such as a documentary on the Portland, Oregon zine scene when it was at its pinnacle, and what the editor refers to as "zine promos" - short blurbs on newly released zines. The blog also includes slideshow teasers with an inside look at what lies between the covers of each zine. Reviews are not solely the work of the SZR editor, Jack Cheiky and in fact, the site's "mission statement" declares that "ANYONE can reviews zines!" - so feel free to email any reviews to: quazipseudo at gmail. 

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