Thursday, October 8, 2009

My favorite places in Virginia...

I've been thinking a lot about Virginia lately. I'm originally from Virginia - born there, in Portsmouth - though I was raised in a little hamlet in Eastern North Carolina. I guess I've been missing the beach and my friends a lot. Not that I have legions of friends there; not that this is beach weather. But the beach is beautiful any time of year and my friends, though few, are a wonderful, funny, loyal little crew.

I haven't written a blog in awhile and that's not uncommon for me. I get sidetracked by life and it seems there is never enough time to do the things I want to do in the end. I don't want to be one of those people who, at the end of her life, has missed so much and has so many regrets. But I think that's just how it goes - we all miss so much. When I am not working, the writing hasn't come very easily - when I am working, all the things I want to write about come to my head...only to have me forget them as soon as I get home. I've been tired a lot lately, too. I do some journaling - almost daily - but it never makes it to an audience. I know I need an audience. I know I need to write more and post it - when I don't I find myself anxious and worrying about it. It's the same way I feel about living my life, though. When I'm not out doing things, I am fretting about missing sunlight, missing the push and pull of the world around me, missing experiences that I would eventually write about.

That's not what I meant this entry to be about, though. It was supposed to be about Virginia - and how much I missed it. I'm digressing as always. If you ever find yourself in Southeast Virginia - i.e., my Virginia - here are a few of my favorite places there. Check them out.

The Heritage Store
The Jewish Mother
NARO Cinema
Lambda Rising

I'll post again soon. I really think I will.

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