Thursday, March 12, 2009

Found: library check-out receipts

This is probably strange, but I find it really interesting. I come across library receipts in the pages of books (or on the shelves and tables at the library where I work) and I like reading them, seeing what books, music and movies other people check out. I came across this one in Stephenie Meyer's The Host a few days ago and it inspired this post. I may update it periodically with other found receipts and just keep an ongoing list.

This one was from December 6th, 2008 and all the items on it were due back on December 27th (coincidentally, that's my girlfriend's birthday). The books these people checked out were:

Don't Go To Sleep!/R.L Stine
Disney's The Rescuers: classic storybook
Froggy Plays Soccer/Jonathan London
The Host/Stephenie Meyer

Edit: March 23, 2009

I found the following receipt:

Dead as a Doornail/ Charlaine Harris
A Deal With The Devil/ Liz Carlyle
Her Only Desire/Gaelen Foley
Lord of Fire/Gaelen Foley
The Elvenbane/Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey


  1. I always love finding those! Although I suppose you have a lot more opprtunities than I do ;)

  2. I wish I'd thought of saving them for this awhile ago. I've found some rather strange ones. Our library is full of interesting characters, too. I'll maybe make a post about them sometime. :)