Thursday, January 23, 2014

the winter of our discontent...

It's nearly 11:00pm and I realized I haven't written my weekly blog post. I know - I've missed or been late posting a couple of times lately, so it's better that I did remember at the day's finish line this time. But unfortunately, I haven't got a lot to write about tonight. What I did today was pretty mundane and mostly indoors: Wake up, feed cat, make coffee, attempt knitting. I felt tired and achy, which gave way to frustration, and I ended up watching two films on Netflix before I ever got anything else done. I finally left the apartment for a little while, and as soon as I returned, I just did the same old things: fed my cat, heated something for dinner, tried to finish the stitches on one side of my practice knitting project with the help of some YouTube videos; I'm a total beginner at knitting so the fact that I've got casting on down and knit stitches almost down isn't that bad, but considering the HUGE project I want to do, I feel behind.

The truth, of course, is that I am exhausted. I can't stop my eyes from drooping all day long and all I want to do lately is lie down when I am at home, so it's hard for me to do much that requires real concentration. Which is maddening because I have so MUCH to do, so much that needs to get done. But until I feel properly energized, I just can't muster the momentum.

All this is to say that I haven't got much to say today and I'm too tired to try and come up with something, although I did just see the movie version of August: Osage County, based on the Tracy Letts play. That was really good and I'd love to write an old-school review for it. But that will have to wait until I feel a little more like myself. For now, I leave you with a book trailer...

The book trailer for Gary Shteyngart's new memoir is a funny little short film with cameos from James Franco, Jonathan Franzen, Rashida Jones and that guy from Girls. Check it out:

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