Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pink wine makes me slutty: A NEW YEAR'S EVE 2013 post!

Dear readers,

Please excuse Louise from being almost another full week late with her post. Holidays and work and pest control and minor breakdowns and watching too much New Girl got in the way.

Louise's Brain

Ok, guys. This is it. The end of another year. My 36th year, believe it or not (I almost wrote 26th, but then you'd KNOW I was lying). It's time to get my shit together. Again. Heh.

Anyway, I recently made a list on my Facebook page of my favorite moments of 2013. That took some digging, let me tell you. I never like to say that a year has been bad, because it's a WHOLE YEAR. There may be tons of bad things, but there are some lovely things as well - almost always. But I will say this year has been...er...difficult - with all the moving and the problems when I did move. Good friends left town and to be honest, I considered it a few times myself. I wrestled with whether or not I even wanted to go to graduate school anymore, and I also considered what a life alone, without a significant other, meant. What I end the year with is a bit of peace. I'm no longer wracked with indecision and I like me for me, with all of my flaws and anxieties. I love spending time alone with myself. I don't know if there is anyone who will come along that could make me want to compromise that, but I also realize that I don't care. At the end of the day (or, more seriously, at the end of this life), if it's just my cat and me, and I just fill my life with movies and books and music and good friends, that's okay. Sure, falling in love can be nice. Sharing a life and a family with someone could be beautiful. However, I don't need it to be happy.

As for the graduate school thing, I've decided to follow through with that and plan to have applications finished by the end of January. That's resolution #1. I've only made five, because I think that five are doable:

2. Get control of my financial situation. In other words, figure out some solutions for dealing with my student loan debt that might make that more manageable.

3. Take better care of myself physically. This isn't just about nutrition and exercise. It's about getting enough sleep, taking my medication and vitamins and things like skin care.

4. Declutter and organize. I'm not someone with A LOT of clutter, but I could stand to go through my junk, figure out what I don't need and get rid of it.

5. Give more time to creativity and new experiences. This is a double resolution and it's just vague enough that I can say I was successful if I manage to accomplish half of what I truly want to do creatively this year. I like resolutions that set me up for imminent success. This includes but is not limited to: working on novel revisions and agent queries, decorating my room so that someday I might hear the words "I love what you've done with the place," keeping up with penpals and friends via email, social media and snail mail, exploring the city more - its museums, street festivals, free stuff, restaurants, etc., traveling to at least one place I have never been (even if its in a city where I have been), meeting new people, etc.

Aside from these resolutions, I'd like to keep doing what I have been doing. Aside from the last few weeks, I've been really good at this whole weekly blogging thing and I don't want to stop now. There's much to write about in 2014, and so much to do. I really hope 2014 will be an amazing year...for all of us!

What are your resolutions?

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