Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not for all the tea in China/ Not if I could sing like a bird/ Not for all North Carolina/ Not for all my little words

I know, I know. I am behind on my weekly post - a whole week late, in fact!
Did you miss me?
It's true - now I am feeling ultimately behind on everything from the last week (laundry? what's that?).
That's OK, though.
I have a good excuse: one of my oldest and dearest friends has been in town and we have been roaming around, getting to know Chicago in all its frigid glory. Possibly not the full Chicago experience, but as much of it as we could bear with wind-chapped faces and chattering teeth.

Now all of that is over and I have to settle into my new reality: a new apartment, a new roommate, a new bed. Reunited with my cat, Merlin The Wondercat, who is just so very special to me. Unfortunately, there are new hurdles to get over: my first ever Christmas alone, which I have taken as a challenge to myself to make it through with joy, not bitterness; a pest problem that I don't even want to talk about again right now, lest I give myself the heebie-jeebies. I have things I need to go through and get rid of and things I need to find room for. I have job applications and grad school applications I have been putting off for some reason even I can't fathom, and I have student loan debt that I need to get on top of and figure out solutions to. I have 2014 resolutions, but little faith in resolutions.

But now the task at hand is to post my usual Thursday post - something a little bookish, with some of my other loves peppering the edges. One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is reigning in my book queue. That is to say, the ever-growing list of books I am prone to checking out in huge stacks and then getting overwhelmed by and only reading one or two. Does anyone else have this problem? Too many books, too little time?

Working as a shelver in two public libraries, I am always finding something that I would like to read; but since I started working in libraries, I actually think my reading habits have slowed. I listen to audiobooks ALL THE TIME at work, so I still finish around 50 books a year. But only about 10 of those are hard copies anymore. I know this shouldn't matter. A book is a book is a book; an eBook is an audiobook is a print book. But there are books that don't have audiobook versions, and those are the ones I am most behind on. In an effort to read more "real books," I have decided that I am going to work on a list of books I would like to read this year. On it, I will list 20 books and not allow myself to veer from the list until they have all been read.

So now, I just have to figure out what goes on it. Any suggestions?

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