Thursday, October 17, 2013

In which I play the role of curmudgeon...

I usually try to refrain from making many provocative statements here, especially ones that I already imagine won't be popular. I also do what I can to steer clear of being overly judgmental, but this time, I feel an itch to step behind the bench and bang my gavel. First, allow me to add the following disclaimer: the sentiment stated in the image below is a lovely one, and one that many people *could* stand to hear.

I wonder sometimes, though, what good this positivity/optimism culture - that says that some anonymous "you" deserves respect and should embrace who they are an yadda, yadda - does for the people who always seem to consider themselves the victim and never realize that perhaps their own behavior is bringing on the "disrespect" they are being dealt. Disclaimer #2: The person in my Facebook news feed who originally posted the above GIF is, in NO WAY, the kind of person that I mean when I say this. Most of the people who post these kinds of quotes and "words of wisdom" really are, in fact, kind-hearted, amazing people who have probably truly needed these words from time to time and are sharing them as a way of sharing the love. They are probably the kinds of people who rarely wallow for long in their life's misfortunes and instead, celebrate the joys of their friends and loved ones and find their lives rich with wonder despite anything they may or may not have been through. They are the kinds of people who are insightful enough to be able to pinpoint what faults they have and who do what they can to work on them, while also embracing their quirks and the quirks of those around them with love and respect. Like everyone, they have their bad days, and they might occasionally vent for catharsis before moving on to other topics, like the world outside themselves.

But I guess that, in contrast, I have also met too many people who wave their white flags of surrender for every little thing, lamenting why good things (allegedly) never happen to them and wail about how the world walks all over them, only to turn around and post these sorts of "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people SHOULD like me" quotes, GIFS and whatnot. It just seems a little too self-indulgent, emo, and much as I love him, let's face facts: life is not a Morrissey song and while owning your shit is grand, what you're owning can become a shield from the outside world if you're not very careful. If you own it, not as a way of facing and trying to change it, but as a way of holding it up as just another blankie to hide beneath or another battle scar to show that you must be coddled and tiptoed around...well, you get it. What good does it do those people? Perhaps I would feel better if all of the optimism was balanced out with a little more tough love. And now, I'm going to get off the soapbox. Heh.


I'm sitting in the same Andersonville Starbucks I occupy space in weekly for blogging and I swear, I just saw THE cutest lesbian couple. They were probably in their early to mid-twenties and one lady was REALLY tall, the other MUCH shorter. The tall one was very femme-y-butch; you know what I mean: sideways brown beanie on her head, matching brown leather jacket, skinny jeans. The short one was sorta hipster-girl, with a floral print shirt and corduroy vest, and she was eating a HUGE ice cream from a waffle cone, while gazing lovingly up at the taller one. The tall one had her hand on the small of the short girl's back and was looking right back at her and they walked by, chatting away, the rest of the world seemingly nonexistent to them. Adorable! I love A-Ville. ;)


This weekend, I have back-to-back parties and meetings and I don't know whether to feel pre-exhausted or really excited. My stomach doesn't seem to know which way to go, either. I've had this weird low-grade anxiety the last few days, feeling like I am permanently stuck in the moment when your airplane lifts off after a speedy beeline down the runway. *sigh* Here's hoping that my Halloween costume looks as good as I envision it in my mind. I love October so very much!

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