Thursday, October 31, 2013

And I don't believe you live in a library that sails the sea...

I'm taking a break from real, hardcore blogging in the month to come because I will be taking part in NANOWRIMO for the first time in a couple of years and I already have so much on my plate as it is, with work, volunteer duties, writing groups, moving, trying to get the time to work on graduate school application, etc. All that said, I am going to make up for it by blogging like mad until the end of THIS month and scheduling my posts so that they are staggered throughout November -- it will be just like I am blogging in real time, only without the lame ramblings about my personal life.

In other news, thanks to my trusty sidebar Live Traffic Feed, I can see that my most searched entry happens to be this very short post that I made months ago and makes me think that it's once again time for me to start posting funny, terrible, interesting, et cetera book covers again. One of the things I plan to do when I get back to regular blogging in December is to put my blogs on more of a schedule so that each Thursday of the month has a recurring theme; right now, the first Thursdays are always my next installment of Turn To You, but what about the second, third and fourth Thursdays? I feel like they need structure, too. I'm open to suggestions from you guys, if you're up for giving them!

I've had quite a week so far. I started out Monday feeling a little sick to my stomach with a scratchy throat and a weird fatigue, but that didn't stop me from embracing the beautiful, crisp morning. While on the train platform headed to work, an older man walked my way with an aluminum can taped to one foot and a hollow plastic bottle that used to hold laundry detergent taped to the other. At first, I just thought he was just a little weird, possibly somewhat mentally unstable. But then he started to rattle some plastic bottles filled with something like beads or rocks, and tapping the aluminum can and the detergent bottle in time to a Bob Marley song, singing to the would-be train passengers that "every little thing is gonna be alright." Basically, he was just this amazing, found object sort of musician and he was really great. Perhaps, if you live in Chicago, you've even seen this guy! It completely made my Monday morning.

But Tuesday, I woke up feeling a bit worse and worried I might be getting the flu. I managed to take care of getting a storage unit, though, and rounding up a posse to help me move my stuff on Wednesday and Thursday into a small storage unit. My stomach is still in knots, though, because I am having to part with Merlin for a few weeks. I'll be leaving him in the care of my former roommate, who is a nice girl and she does love animals...but it still worries me because he's been a little under-the-weather himself and we also have rarely spent so much time apart since I found him in that Bucktown intersection circa 2003. I just hope things move forward smoothly and quickly and I can get in a place where I feel secure, where Merlin will be at ease and well, too, and I can finally start to get my shit together. Really, it's time.

My next big plan of action is to finish my grad school applications so that I can start by spring or fall of 2014, and meanwhile, try to get my finances in order. Reading Blog Inc. by Joy Cho, which I mentioned last time, too, has given me ideas on how I want to use this blog in more creative, useful ways, too. That's where I got the idea to add more structure and that's secondary on my list of things to do.

Today is Halloween. It's the day before the beginning of the penultimate month of the year, and it's the day that spirits are said to roam the earth. I know that, living in the city, there is a lot of bustle on this particular day of the year. Lots of drunk adults, lots of kids taking part in mischief (toilet-papering houses, egging cars) and general asshole behavior from young and old. BUT...there are also D.I.Y costumes and kids trick-or-treating and scary movie marathons and...well, I just still love Halloween, no matter how old I get. I only went trick-or-treating one year when I was a kid, and only because a friend invited me to go with her, her parents driving us around their neighborhood. It was rural North Carolina, but my parents were super-overprotective, and I also think my dad just didn't want the hassle of having to drive me and my brother from house to house for candy. For whatever myriad of reasons my parents had for not initiating me into the traditions of Halloween, it did not dash the excitement I felt whenever the seemingly magical night drew near. If I could, I would go trick-or-treating now to make up for it. Someday, I hope to have a whole closet or chest full of costumes and maybe I'll even wear them on other days of the year...around the house, only, of course! But for now, I will just celebrate the day by finding time to be with my friends and ogle other people's costumes.

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  1. your blog has good energy, very calming affect! More of a comment soon, that is just my initial impression (im a slow processor) :)

  2. That's ok - so am I! I read very slowly for someone who reads all the time. :) Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm so happy when people actually read my blog! :)