Saturday, September 14, 2013

And their dreams they dreamed awake...

Yeah, I'm a few days late this week. Sue me. Heh. Full disclosure: this Thursday was just too jam-packed with work, errands and social engagements. Yes, Louise is a busy girl. Now you know. ;)


It's September and the summer is coming to a close. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and soon, the temperature will begin dropping further until we're mired in winter grays and the promise of snow.

While it's still sunny and warm, I have things I am still longing to do. When I was in Portland, I realized the value of acting like a tourist where you live. You can see so much that way, even if you're just sampling each place and thing. With that in mind, I thought I would like to approach the last days of this Chicago summer this way. Here is a short list of plans for this month and then, the following ones, during which I will be easing into a different season:

(1). Head to the Mexican Art Museum and explore the surrounding area.

(2). Go to the beach. Just because it's ridiculous that I haven't been at all, I should spend much of the day.

(3). Plan a picnic. Maybe on the beach, even. (C'mon, friends! You know you wanna do this with me!).

(4). Attend a drum circle. I have no idea why this sounds so appealing to me, but it does.

(5). Take the Metra somewhere new. Just because I like to escape. Somewhere with trees or a beach, perhaps.

(6). Street fest + cocktails on the rooftop. There MUST be some free street festivals left, right? It's Chicago!! Followed by a drink al fresco, or better, on a rooftop. I have been fantasizing about this all summer!

(7). I have a terrifying fantasy. Me, on a Vespa. Ok? I know I am the weirdo with the extreme ochophobia, but this weirdo thinks that pale pink Vespas are pretty. She also prides herself on at least trying to face fears and take risks when it will lead to a rewarding experience. (No, petting spiders would not be a rewarding experience for me; therefore, I'll cling to my arachnophobia. Shut up). So I don't know if I can actually find a way to do this before the year is out, much less the month, but it's a goal.

(8). Take in a free Irish music session. I don't know what it is about violins and bagpipes and music that reminds me of leprecauns, but I do love it.

(9). Re-read The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and Taking The Ferry Home - two of my favorite books. It's been too long, friends.

(10). Finally, I would like to find a decent, non-threatening place to read my work to an audience and attend some readings first to get comfortable. I'm open to suggestions. Initially, I'd like to give Heartland Cafe's In One Ear a whirl. I've been meaning to go for ages, which is nuts because it's been going on for years and I have lived right down the street twice, once for several months and once for a year or so.

I promised book reviews and literary trailers and other stuff, but as you can see, I have been extra swamped and extra stressed. So instead, I am going to leave this post here and try to post something more interesting later this weekend. And tune in next Thursday, when I will definitely be back to my regularly scheduled posting. Or bust!

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