Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The world of Tumblr...

I know I am late to the party (leave me alone! I'm on Lesbian Standard Time!), but I have discovered Tumblr recently. Well, OK...I knew it existed. I just didn't realize what a thing it has become! Of course, I had to sign up and now that I have my own personal blog there, I've decided that I should link any readers I have here to that. It's been updated more recently than this blog and you can see all the lovely pictures I've been Instagramming like crazy. But don't fret! I haven't decided to shut this one down or anything. My old posts will remain here for everyone to see.

I've also begun a Tumblr for true stories of lovely, happy couples called "How We Met" and you can find (and submit to!!!) that here:

Brief update from me: I am taking the GRE tomorrow and moving this weekend. And then, I am collapsing into an exhausted heap and becoming a hermit for the next month. (OK, not really; it's PRIDE MONTH!!! I can't do that!).

Happy Pride Month, y'all! I'll post again soon! :)

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