Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a glance...

I am madly searching through all my papers, the huge (and growing) stack of my own chapters that have been returned to me by friends and fellow writing group members, with a cumulative of hundreds of comments. I am searching for the chapter I need to start revising now. And guess what? It happens to be one of the only two chapters I am missing my collected feedback on. I don't know how it happened. I know I work-shopped it. But then I must've promptly misplaced it. It's nowhere to be found. I only have my own, unmarked copy. Which isn't useless, but feels like it at the moment.

What have I found instead? Well, there's my old work. The leftover work - finished and unfinished - of a creative writing concentration in college. My own old notes to myself. Emails from old friends, gushing for pages over ideas they were, then, ambitiously anticipating (were they ever completed? I'm not sure).

It made me smile. It mellowed me out. Me, running on empty with frustration over the loss of my chapter. I'm okay with it now, I guess - not finding it, I mean. Onward.

I wanted to share some of the writers' blogs I have been reading (thanks to GoodReads email updates!). Sometimes it's good just to see what someone who has been through all this and has all the hard-won rewards under belt has to say.

Neil Gaiman
Francesca Lia Block
Luis Alberto Urrea
Julianna Baggott

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