Friday, May 21, 2010

.to elaborate.

I just got an email  (weeks after my interview) that I didn't get the shelver job at Evanston Public Library...which I really wanted. However, because my "qualifications are quite impressive, your name will remain in Category “B” of our eligibility list. What this means for you is that should this opening come up again prior to the expiration of this current eligibility list - two (2) years after today's date, the Human Resources Department will be contacting you to determine your interest in such a position at that time." That's a direct quote, of course. So there's that. A bright note to my failure. 

Speaking of failures, I've also decided to give up on the AFI project for the year. I have gotten so behind that I don't think I can finish 100 movies this year - seeing as how almost half of it is over. Yep...ladies and gentlemen, we are coming up on 6 months of 2010. It all goes by a little too fast. I think I have whiplash. Maybe I will just do the top I can feel less like a loser. Then do the bottom 50 in 2011. Heh, we'll see. 

And in other news, I think I am going to be rewriting my first novel again. It needs a lot of work and I can't seem to let it go (it's quite possible it should just be burned at the stake to make way for the second draft of my second novel or finishing the third one that's waiting in the wings, but I can't get Hedy, Grace and Emma out of my head). At least this time around, I have a rather honest (brutally so, which I need) writing group to get me going in the right direction.

The gloomy weather is leaving me mostly tired and unmotivated and I have spent most of the week doing Census stuff from morning to evening, straight through, so I am feeling a little overwhelmed to boot. It makes me feel like I have sold the majority of my time (and soul) to the highest bidder. Heh. Some do believe the government is the devil. Not me, not entirely, but still...

Tonight, Kathy and I are going to check out a queer spoken word event in Logan Square at New Wave, that may suck or may be interesting. At least the coffee is good (and they have nifty bathroom graffiti). And maybe I will manage to get some reading done later, too. That would be nice. If I don't fall asleep first.

P.S.: A poem of mine was recently included on the Genderqueer Chicago blog.

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