Thursday, April 8, 2010

.imagine doing just what the big bang did.

I feel like my insides have been put through a shredder this week, which is probably a very cliche way to say that I feel pretty fed up with my life at the moment.  
On the bright side, I got a job offer from the Census Bureau and will be training for that in a few weeks. It's temporary - only 8 weeks long - and it doesn't like something I am really going to like (in fact, I am a little scared). But  it pays $18.25 an hour, I have to work at least 20 hours a week and that comes down to a lot more money than I am making now or than I made before. At least for eight weeks. 
On the flip side, though, is the fact that it's going to require me to miss a library conference I really wanted to go to (yes, I am a nerd) in order to attend training. Which also was a hassle for the powers that be in Circulation, considering they had already paid for me to go. I feel awful, but I just couldn't turn down a job offer. But I am losing sleep anyway.
For some reason, ideas haven't failed me this week, though. I have been plotting a comic strip and have been working on my book a little everyday. 
On an angst-ridden side note, I've also been waxing nostalgic with The Breeders and early Ani Difranco on my mp3 player. Yeah, it's been that kind of week - the kind where that time in my life is starting to seem like the "good ol' days." Maybe I just need a stiff drink. 

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