Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.these days we go to waste like wine that's turned to turpentine.

My brain has been too cluttered this week for me to sit down and write. I'm not happy with myself for neglecting this (and other writing projects) for as long as I have, but I needed some time outside of my own head. I don't feel like going into detail, but I decided that it was best that I quit my office job. Yesterday was my last day. My feeling upon leaving was a mix of freedom-ringing hallelujahs and creeping depression. I need to find a new second job, but have been looking for months already with no luck. Not even a call. Anyone out there happen to know of any freelancing websites (like Associated Content) that don't require members to have a Paypal account? I'm also wondering how good those sites are exactly. If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it. I think it would be great to get a chance to improve my writing and make a little (much needed) money.

I'm going to attempt to write more tomorrow and get back on track. I finally revisited Citizen Kane and took some notes, but haven't put it all together yet. The Godfather is next on the AFI list, but wow, that is a long movie! I'll try and tackle that this weekend; I also have a couple of zines I might review. Speaking of movies, Kathy and I watched Drag Me To Hell last night, which I have to say was the most exciting horror movie I've seen in awhile. The third season of Big Love just came from Netflix, so I'm looking forward to that, too.

It's a really gorgeous day out (bright, blue and the sidebar on my desktop says 34 degrees) and I'm thinking that if it's this way tomorrow, maybe I'll take a longer walk. I went to the local library earlier to pick up stuff I'd reserved, but it would be a nice day to explore. I haven't done that in awhile and I remember how good it makes me feel to just wander.

And this weekend I need to do some rather voluminous cleaning. I've been meaning to dust the bedroom and organize papers for awhile, so if the weather doesn't cooperate with my hopes of long walks I will be doing that instead.

I know I am staying busy so I can stay upbeat, but it's what works for me right now. I don't want to be a shut-in forever. I want to be as happy as sunbeams and possibilities make me in their flickering way.

Time to go heat up soup and get things together so I can head to the library.

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