Sunday, December 20, 2009

How was your weekend?

This weekend has been productive and it's been a weekend of firsts (or at least a Sunday of firsts). Yesterday, we wrapped all of our Christmas gifts and I spent some time at the gym. I have discovered the abdominal machine - what a genius invention! I don't have to kill my neck and back by attempting crunches the absolute wrong way and I can already feel a nice tightness in my stomach muscles. I've managed a blog every single day over the past week and continued my streak of "writerly" persistence this weekend. And today, after another morning at the gym, Kathy and I took an excursion to Andersonville to attend The Neofuturists' year-end best of performance of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. We left the house early so that we could stop by Bon Bon (seriously, guys, the most awesome chocolates I've ever tasted and the place is owned by a Santerian priestess, doubling its awesomeness) to pick up gifts for Kathy's boss and cousin, then headed over to Kopi for dinner. For the first time ever since we've been going there together, Kathy and I sat on the floor seating. The place was crowded for a Sunday afternoon so it seemed the best option. We sat on pillows and drew the table closer to us so we could eat comfortably. The tables are next to the windows so that we could watch passersby. I've only sat there once before when I'd met up with a friend at Kopi and that's been at least a couple of years. I also had a panini that I'd been debating about trying for awhile now - the Panini de Melody Nelson (I had to look up that reference, by the way - I'm ashamed to admit that since I am a bit of a French culture fanatic), which has grilled Tofurkey and Camembert cheese. The ingredient that was making me hesitant, though, was the Granny Smith apples. I think Camembert is heaven and Tofurkey had potential, but I couldn't imagine how it would taste with apples. Turned out, it's surprisingly delicious - adding just a touch of sweetness to a savory sandwich. And Kopi has beer, wine and spirits now! I think all the beers they carry are local (like Metropolitan) or semi-local brews (like Dark Horse beers from Michigan). I ordered a Dark Horse Crooked Tree, which was almost like a Blue Moon but with a slightly bitter edge.

So to recap: I had three firsts at Kopi today, a weekend of consecutive gym visits (yay me!) in which I learned to use the ab machine (hey, another first!) and I have managed to update either this blog or Positive Bleeding (for which I also made a new banner) every day. In short, I rock.

- - -

 I've decided that, for 2010, I am going to watch and write about all 100 of the American Film Institute's Top 100  films of all time from their updated 2007 list. Even if I have seen a film on the list before, I will watch it again in the order the AFI lists them and hopefully gain a new perspective on the movies I have seen. New Year's Day I will be posting the first of these on my other blog. Stay Tuned. 

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