Thursday, October 22, 2009

.she said.

I have so much to share about today and this past week - both, events that have happened in physical space and "events" that have taken place in my inner space (i.e., ponderings, epiphanies). It's late, though and while I am feeling better (my earlier migraine seems to be retreating slowly), I'm not feeling up to putting words together and producing coherent thoughts. I'm afraid everything would come out a motley mishmash and since I doubt I am going to do any proofreading tonight, that could get me in trouble. Instead, I will give you the bare bones of my day with promises to flesh it out later: (1.) I braved the rain for the gym and to do a little clothes-shopping this morning and (2.) tonight, I went to see Sherman Alexie at the Harold Washington Library Center downtown.

That said, I will leave you with a clip.

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