Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.but some of us are looking at the stars.

I’m following up a pretty awesome weekend with what is so far a productive and enjoyable week it seems. Mondays now mean that all my favorite library friends are on shift together, which makes my four hours at SPL seem like four hours too short. It’s nice to talk and laugh with friends while we’re sorting and it feels like we get things done a lot faster, too.  And yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it?  The sun was out, it was much warmer than it has been (in the 60’s, in fact) and all the fall colors seemed especially vibrant. It seemed the weather was having an effect on everyone, bringing out their good spirits. As I was leaving the house for work, these two little kids at the house across the street were helping their father rake leaves. When I walked by they both said “hello!“ to me and then said it a little louder so I knew they were talking to me.  It was just cute and it made me smile.

Tonight Kathy and I will be picking up my friend and former (office) co-worker’s dog to stay with us for a few days while my friend is on vacation, so that should be interesting. He’s a small dog - not as small as Barney, but still small enough that Barney will probably be happy to have him to play with. Of the big dogs, Sara is the only one that is really accommodating to Barney’s constant need for a playmate.

This past weekend, we got a lot done. I spent time writing and we finally went and selected our Halloween costumes. Originally I was going to be a bobbysoxer and Kathy was going to be a greaser - but that idea has morphed and now we’re going to be zombie versions of each. Like an undead Danny and Sandy from Grease. Should be amusing. I’m actually getting really excited about it, because it’s been a long while since I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort on dressing up in costume. My witch costume a few years ago for an acquaintance’s Halloween party didn’t count - it was barely a costume as I just had a dress that had been sitting in my closet, the same make-up I used to always wear (though a little more “gothed” up) and a pointy hat. We’re going to the Halloween parade on Halsted with my library friends (and Jackie mentioned she might show up as well, donning a Marie Antoinette costume).

Saturday night, we went to Women & Children First for the Sister Spit takeover of Sappho Salon (I am calling it a “takeover” because I’ve never seen as many people show up for Sappho Salon as they did that night, for Sister Spit’s appearance). It was really excellent, which is such a mediocre word to describe the feeling I get when they perform. The eclectic nature of the show (which changes as they change performers and can include anything from film, to slide shows, to poetry and story readings - and so forth) always gets me pumped up mentally, inspired to write or create something. I’m sure I’ve even mentioned this somewhere before following other Sister Spit shows I’ve been to. It seems like every woman who tours with Sister Spit’s roadshow has about a zillion projects before and behind her and I’m constantly impressed by how far back they’ve been zinesters, poets, cartoonists, etc. It’s no secret that I’ve had a mad crush on Michelle Tea since I first read Valencia. But this year, I was really taken with Ariel Shrag’s comic strip slideshow, Kirya Traber’s moving spoken word and Beth Lisick’s humorous personal essay (because clearly even straight girls have a place in my often mesmerized heart). It was pretty fun and got me working, thinking about my next project.

Sunday we stomped around Gomper’s Park and talked about going again soon with cameras so we could photograph cranes and whatever else happened by.

This coming weekend is the writing group. I don’t know what else we’re doing yet, but I’ve been enjoying the impromptu nature of things. It keeps my anxiety at bay (which is necessary as I am still not on meds) and feels very Zen-like.  More to come.

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