Saturday, January 10, 2009

.you wait and see when the smoke clears.

I'm feeling much better. To demonstrate this, I actually worked a few hours at both the library and the office yesterday. It was so weird being at either place - especially on a Friday and especially after I'd spent most of the week feeling like, to use a cliche, "death warmed over." I'm slowly eating like normal again but occasionally my stomach still feels like it's going to mutiny.

Last night, I accompanied Kathy to a cute little bar in Wicker Park called Louie's Pub to meet her boss and several other dog walkers (and their friends/significant others). It was actually a karaoke bar - and no, we didn't sing - but it was pretty fun. At first the place was empty but it was only 8:00pm when we got there. Around 10:00 it started to fill up and when the karaoke started and people started to sing, sometimes the entire bar would sing along. It had a nice feel to it. I texted my friend, Mike who lives in the area and he came out for awhile until we left. It was nice to be somewhere new and different.

Tonight is the annual trivia night at a nearby Catholic school and we're going with Kathy's aunt and uncle. I think it's supposed to be a fundraiser - if I remember correctly from last year you had to pay for drinks you didn't bring. Our team kicked butt and won last year, which I think I mentioned before. Mostly, though, it's just fun.

I have to scoot now and go get some lunch. I've still been feeling vaguely weak and I don't know if it's just the aftermath of being really sick or what. Kathy's coming down with a cold and sore throat now, which sucks. At least it's not the stomach flu again, though. Hopefully I will manage not to get this. We'll see.