Monday, January 19, 2009

.several random things.

1. My therapist and I were discussing the idea of immortality - sort of, anyway - and I said that I could understand wanting to be (a vampire, actually, but in other words: immortal). There was the whole question of how it would be not to sleep, too - and anyway, both sounded like a good idea to me. That's probably a little weird, but I am someone who could do with a little more time. More waking hours, more years to live - time to read, paint, write. I could definitely use that...but then again, I might just use it to procrastinate more. I've really got to kick myself back into creative mode for my own sanity's sake.

2. I am sick for the second time this winter, damnit. Though the stomach flu was certainly worse, it didn't last as long - this cold (or whatever it is) has been making me miserable since Sunday. My throat is a little less on fire today, which may be attributed to the pain relievers I took this morning or the cough drops I've been sucking on. But my nose is still sore and runny and I feel gross. Possibly that is a little TMI, but anyway. I don't get sick this often usually. Blah.

3. Despite being sick, I am thinking that this weekend I can finish the book I'm reading and work on my own (second) novel. It's also time to get the first one on its way to an agent - I've been saying that too damned long.

4. Really soon I want to update this thing with stuff I've been doing, thinking of doing and with commentary on what I've been watching, reading and listening to. If anyone actually ever reads my crappy blog anymore, please poke me if I don't do this before the end of next week. Heh. I need a good jab from time to time.

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  1. Do it!!!
    I like that your therapist discussed immortality with you. Personally, I like sleeping. And I think that for me, unlimited time would definitely equal unlimiterd procrastination, at least for the first few decades :)