Wednesday, April 23, 2008

.today is my birthday.

It was also Administrative Professionals Day, so my boss and her husband took me and her husband's assistant, Jeanie out to lunch for thai food. My boss and I actually rode with Jeanie in her boyfriend's convertible and I must say: riding around in a convertible on a warm and breezy spring day is fun. Jeanie bought me a little cake from a nearby marketplace, too - something called a "russian cake" that tastes like it has Nutella in it. Pretty good, but I only ate one piece and saved a piece for my girlfriend. I didn't want to have to find some place for it or carry it around. Plus, Kathy bought me a carrot cake yesterday.

I'm working until 9pm tonight, but that's okay. I'll probably be celebrating more tomorrow or Friday. Plus, I love my jobs.