Friday, October 12, 2007

Thing 8: Wikis

I guess I agree with the idea of radical trust. To quote this idea by Darlene Fichter on her Blog on the Side: "Radical trust is about trusting the community. We know that abuse can happen, but we trust (radically) that the community and participation will work.
In the real world, we know that vandalism happens but we still put art and sculpture up in our parks. As an online community we come up with safeguards or mechanisms that help keep open contribution and participation working."

I have found Wikipedia useful on more than one occasion. In fact, I use it often. I know that all of the information may not be 100% reliable, but I expect that more of it can be trusted than can't.


  1. "The Risk To Blossom" What a great name. Thanks for posting on my blog. I can understand why a performer or an artist or a writer like yourself, would use my space and blogs as a method to present a work of art or promote a performance. I realize that families use these tools to keep in touch. I can see a person who in unsure of themselves finding a voice, or a group of people coming together to enjoy a common interest.
    I still feel uneasy with the idea of exposing myself so publicly, once maybe I would have embraced a tool like my space. Today I am happy to remain anonymous.
    For now at least.
    PS, that is a good picture.

  2. that's a great quote. thanks!